Cut through the noise with your festive campaign

Cut through the noise with your festive campaign

With thousands of companies competing to reap the benefits of seasonal marketing, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. Consumers are being bombarded with hundreds of messages a day and their attention spans are at their all-time lowest. So how can you cut through the noise with your festive campaign?


Don’t beat around the bush

The best festive campaigns don’t beat around the bush… In other words, get straight to the point – you literally have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience. Attracting and sustaining attention is all about quality over quantity – your audience simply won’t stick around if your content takes too long to interest them. Don’t waste time and resources on a build up to your message, push out what you want to say and do it fast – get this right and the likelihood of your audience engaging with your content will significantly increase.

What you should do:

Decide exactly what you want your audience to get from your message and keep it short and sweet. Efficient bitesize chunks of information will go further than a daunting, long piece of text.


Visual content wins every time

Another great way of winning attention is using visual content. Imagery that your audience finds useful or can identify with will significantly impact on your audience interaction rates. In fact, Facebook posts with an image see 2.3x more engagement compared to those without images.

Once you’ve won the attention of your audience, the key to sustaining this is through more visual content that compliments and breaks up longer pieces of text. Sending customers to a landing page? Make sure its visually enticing.

What you should do:

Choose visual content that is relevant to your audiences’ interests and needs. The aim is to catch their eye and stop them from scrolling further down their news feed.

For longer pieces of texts, use pictures or gifs that compliment your content and encourage your audience to continue reading.


Know where your customers are

As marketers, we understand the importance of knowing where to reach our target audience. You can have the best, most creative campaign the is far more exciting than that of your competitors, but unfortunately it won’t be worth much if it’s pushed out using the wrong platforms.

What you should do:

Find out which platforms your audience uses and when. Understanding this will ensure you reach your target audience at optimum times during the day, on platforms where they are ready to consume your message. Use LinkedIn, for example, to catch your target audience on their commute to work, or Facebook between 12pm and 2pm to catch them on their lunch break.

It’s also important to know which devices your audience are using at certain times. Research shows that we use multiple devices to access the internet and your marketing messages must therefore be tailored to compliment this.


 Know what your customers want

Customers expect a personalised experience when hearing from companies. Content needs to be relevant to your audiences’ interests and needs while adding value to their experience with you. Not only will relevant content attract their attention, but it will encourage them to come back to you in the future – it does wonders for SEO too!

What you should do:

Find out what makes your audience tick. Take some time to research and deeply understand the interests of your audience, their opinions and behaviours and incorporate these within your marketing messages. If your audience can identify with you as a company, they will be more inclined to engage with you in the short and longer term.

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